Are You in Need of Inexpensive Evangelism Resources and Training: Check out GoodSeed

goodseedIf you are like most congregations, you are in need of evangelism resources. You are also probably looking for someone who provides evangelism training.  Look no further!  GoodSeed is an organization that is committed to providing tools and training to share the Good News of the Bible clearly.

The GoodSeed website is abundant with instructional videos and print materials (some free … some at minimal expense) that can be used by Christians as they share God’s Word with others. As its own website says, GoodSeed:

  • Provides books, DVDs, audiobooks, curriculum and visual aids.
  • Each tool is adapted for different worldviews, ages and learning abilities.
  • All tools use a story-telling approach—no dry lists of facts.
  • Content is self-contained—no previous Bible knowledge necessary.
  • Each tool explains the gospel, the central message of the Bible.

GoodSeed provides materials in a variety of languages. Check out the GoodSeed online store.

Here is a video that introduces you to GoodSeed:

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