An Update Concerning the Weber’s Mission Work in Cameroon

The information is gleaned from Martin and Joan Weber’s November 2011 LBTC Newsletter.


Dear Partners with us in ministry to the Kwanjas,

Most of our work here has been in “preparing the seed”: translating the Kwanja New Testament, recording it for Faith Comes by Hearing Proclaimers, translating Old Testament Sunday reading portions, preparing Old Testament stories for MegaVoice players, etc.  And we are preparing tools for it to be planted. This includes literacy
courses and materials, so people can read the printed word.

We thank God that:

  • 11 literacy courses were completed in 8 villages this year.  2 more courses are on the way.
  • Over 100 Kwanjas of various ages took courses this year to learn to read and write Kwanja.
  • 26 New Testaments were sold!

We are preparing for a big transition in our lives and in the Kwanja ministry.  We plan to travel in the US and Canada for furlough in 2012.  When we return to Cameroon in January 2013, we plan to move to Ngaoundere to work in Scripture engagement on a broader basis with the national Lutheran Church, and to help other teams that are working in translation and literacy.

In 2012 and beyond, the Kwanja team plans to translate liturgies, to work on a new Kwanja songbook, to follow-up with listening groups of Kwanja Scriptures and to continue teacher training and literacy courses. … Nguing Venant and Boura Adamou, who just finished 3 years of teacher training are committed to work with the project for at least one year, to see literacy continue.

Furlough Scheduling

We plan to be available in Canada to speak:

  • In Ontario from April 24th to early June
  • In Saskatchewan as we travel westward in June
  • In the Okanagan area in July, including the LWMLC convention in Kelowna, BC., July 5-8.
  • In Western Canada in August to mid-November.

Please contact Jane Ford at LBT-C to schedule us to speaking in your area in Canada.  You can contact Jane at: 1-519-742-3361 or

Martin and Jean Weber can be contacted via email at:

Donations to the Weber’s work can be made by sending a cheque to: Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada at 137 Queen St. S. Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1W2. Please designate for Weber-Kwanja ministry.

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