Welcome to “Go!” a blog dedicated to encouraging God’s people to participate in Christ’s mission of seeking and saving the lost.  When you visit “Go!” you will hear and see stories of God’s people as they “Go!”  You will be directed to websites and other resources that will help you “Go!”  Quotes from books, sermons, and academic papers will provide you with biblical and missiological foundations as you “Go!”

Although the administrator of “Go!” is an ordained pastor of Lutheran Church — Canada, this blog will embrace the “universal church.”  There is so much God’s people have to learn from one another and to share with one another as we “Go!”

The administrator of “Go!” is Glenn Schaeffer.  Glenn is the District President (Bishop) for the Alberta-British Columbia District (ABC) of Lutheran Church — Canada (LCC).  Prior to his service as District President, Glenn served for ten years as a mission/outreach consultant/coach to 127 congregations and to church workers in the ABC District. Glenn’s first call, in 1987, was to serve as a missionary pastor in Cobourg, Ontario. His next experience as a missionary/pastor was in Barrie, Ontario where he pastored a congregation and planted a new church (with a child care center). Glenn has a M.Div. and PhD (in missiology) from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.