A Wonderful Way to Share Christ’s Love in a Public School – Feed the Students Breakfast!

“Thank God the Olive Branch is here!” shouted one of the students when he walked through the doors of John D. Bracco. The Olive Branch, a community faith in Edmonton, is providing a free breakfast for the students at John D. Bracco School during exam week.  This is the third year that the Olive Branch has been able to share Christ’s love by providing the students with muffins, juice, apples, and granola bars. The muffins are made by Olive Branch participants and people from local Lutheran congregations.  The Rock (an Inner-City Lutheran Mission) has provided juice boxes and a monetary donation. Local stores like Safeway and Sobeys have provided juice boxes and granola bars.  H & W Produce has supplied four boxes of Spartan apples.

The “Feed Your Brain” campaign is one of many ways that the Olive Branch is making a positive contribution to the school.  The Olive Branch provides bus passes, juice boxes, and noodle soup throughout the year for students who need these items.   One of the Olive Branch participants also volunteers at the school in their English learning program and has been able to develop healthy relationships with some of the students.  The teachers and students (and their families) are prayed for regularly during the Olive Branch Sunday afternoon worship service.

Although this caring ministry isn’t overtly evangelistic in that few Gospel discussions take place, the reality is that for many of the students, this is the only exposure they have to Christianity and to Christ’s love in action.  The hope and prayer is that God will use this witness to lead students into deeper discussions with Christians so that they might learn of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

If you live in the Edmonton area you invited to participate in the Olive Branch outreach efforts and worship.  The Olive Branch is planning three Fabulous Fridays (similar to a typical VBS, but held in a local park) on July 13, 20, 27 and a neighbourhood block party for August 31.  The Olive Branch worships at John D. Bracco School every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. You can learn more about the Olive Branch by visiting their website or by visiting their Facebook page .  For more information call Kelti at: 780-802-4546.

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