A Story of Unwavering Faith

fearWhat would you do if a gun was pointed at your chest and you were asked, “Are you a Christian?” and you knew that your response meant life or death? Such was the situation facing Saratu, a 16 year old, who was captured by the militant Islamic group, Boko Haram. One of her captors said, “Today your end has come. Kneel down. Are you a Christian or a Muslim?” Saratu answered boldly, “Yes, I am a Christian.”  She was asked to recant her faith in Jesus to which she responded, “I can’t change my religion. No, I will not repent.”  At this point the soldier pointed the gun at her chest. “Repent or I will shoot you!” Knowing her life was likely over, she repeated, “I won’t change my religion.”

Two Boko Haram soldiers began to argue about what they should do. One soldier want to put a bullet into her heart while the other soldier wanted to spare her life.  One of the soldiers finally told Saruta, “Run, but don’t look back or I’ll shoot you!”

Saruta ran.  She called her parents. She was brought to safety. Following her ordeal, Saratu said, “I will never forget the goodness of God. Because of the miraculous way I have been delivered, there is joy in my heart. I am always praying for the others [kidnapped girls].” (Source of story: The Voice of the Martyrs: Canada, May 2016, p. 2-3)

Saruta escaped but many followers of Jesus remain imprisoned. Some are beaten, sentenced to hard labour, murdered, or used as sex slaves by their captors. Some are shunned by their families and communities.  Please pray for your persecuted Christian brothers and sisters.  Appeal to your governments to put political pressure on governments that allow Christians to be persecuted or who actively persecute Christians themselves. Support the work of The Voice of the Martyrs.  If you live in Canada, you can register for a free monthly publication.

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