A Martyr’s Wife: An Incredible Portrayal of God’s Forgiveness and Redemption

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada magazine (February 2017) recounts the story of Kelly, whose husband Pabel, was a Christian in the southwest area of Colombia who spoke out against pagan rituals and practices that were contrary to the Bible.  Needless to say, Pabel had many people who hated him.

On one particular day, Pabel disappeared and was later found dead.  He had been strangled to death by two men.  Instead of harboring hate for these two murderers, Kelly forgave them. Kelly said, “I know that if they repent and seek the Lord, He will forgive them and welcome them home. I can’t let anything in my heart get in the way of that.” (p. 6)

To hear the rest of Kelly’s story, you can watch a video featuring Kelly’s testimony.

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