“7 Benefits to Pruning” by Jock Ficken

Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken, the Executive Director of Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) writes,

It’s no secret that the Church in the U.S. is struggling and declining; it’s well documented in many places.

It’s no secret that this places enormous pressures on pastors and their families and their congregations.


What if much of what is happening in the church is a season of pruning?

And it’s a season of pruning for many of us as leaders and individuals within the community?

And what if God is cutting back branch after branch that bears no fruit in order to drive us–me–back to the Vine for provision and protection?

What if this pruning season is a season of character building for so many of us and for the Church as a whole?

And what if this pruning kicks prop after prop out from under us so that we only have one Source to rely on?

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