10 Last Minute Ideas for Sharing Christ at Christmas

jesus8Many people are scouring the shopping advertisements for last minute Christmas present ideas. Some of you may be wondering how you can share the greatest Christmas Gift of all with family, coworkers, neighbours, and friends.

Here are 10 “Last Minute Ideas” for the sharing the Good News of Jesus with other people:

  1. Invite them to your congregation’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service.
  2. Read Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2) before you eat your family Christmas dinner.
  3. Sing Christmas carols. You might even invite people to go Christmas caroling in the neighbourhood.
  4. Make the Christmas gathering festive by playing Christmas hymns and carols.
  5. Write and mail a personalized Christmas greeting in a Christmas card.
  6. Host a neighbourhood Christmas gathering in your home. (Make sure your some of household Christmas decorations focus on Christ!)
  7. Bake a birthday cake for Jesus and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.
  8. Have a “scavenger hunt” using Nativity figurines. When the figurines are found, ask people to tell how each figure was important to the Nativity story and if they don’t know the story, you can tell the story!
  9. Give each child a copy of an age-appropriate book that recounts the Nativity story.
  10. Organize an outing to a local congregation’s reenactment of the Nativity story.

If you are looking for additional ideas, visit these websites:   30 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas or Keeping Christ the Center of Christmas.

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