“It is what it is!” It doesn’t have to be!

A study was conducted a couple years ago of Lutheran Church – Canada congregations in the Alberta-British Columbia (ABC) District.  The study revealed some very sobering trends:

  • 58% of ABC congregations experienced a declining baptized membership in 2007.
  • 60% of ABC congregations experienced a declining communicant membership in 2007.
  • 81% of ABC congregations experienced a declining worship attendance.  15% of these congregations experienced an annual decline rate of 10% or more!
  • 51% of the congregations had no (or only 1) adult baptisms or confirmations in 2007.
  • 41% of the congregations had a Sunday worship attendance of less than 50 people.

Do you see your own congregation in these statistics?

In response to these trends, the Board of Directors of the ABC District has implemented Transforming for Missions (T4M).  There are three components to T4M:

1.  Learning Communities for pastors/deacons where the focus is on developing missional leadership that results in congregational focused on sharing the Gospel outside the walls of the church building.

2.  A T4M weekend consultation that initiates a 2-3 year mission transformation process.

3.  Coaching that is provided to congregations that have adopted the T4M consultation report. 

If you think your congregation is in need of Transforming for Missions, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Glenn Schaeffer (gschaeffer@lccabc.ca).  You can read more about each component of the ABC District T4M process at: http://www.lccabc.ca/departments/outreach/missional-leadership/.


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