“Each Christian is a missionary sent out by God into his own circle of activity to convert others to Christ” — C.F.W. Walther

C.F.W. Walther, the first President of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, expresses the truth that every Christian is sent by the Lord to be a representative of Jesus:

Not only, however, is this [to see another person recognize Jesus as his/her Lord and Saviour] a Christian’s desire, but it is also his sacred duty. No one should say, ‘I am not a pastor, a teacher, or a preacher. Let them teach, instruct, comfort, and lead souls to Christ. I wish to remain in my own vocation.’ No, Christian, you are baptized, and through Holy Baptism you have already been anointed and called to be a priest of God.

Through Holy Baptism each Christian has been consecrated, ordained and installed into the ministry to teach, admonish and comfort his neighbour. Through Holy Baptism each Christian has received not only the authority, power and right, but also the high and holy obligation to do his part that others may be brought to Christ. …

And yet, at the same time, all Christians are to shine as lights among the world. The Christian Church is a great mission-house. Each Christian is a missionary sent out by God into his own circle of activity to convert others to Christ and to call them to the kingdom of God. God does not give His spiritual gifts only to pastors and teachers. Lay people, too, often have very glorious gifts – for example, a splendid knowledge of Christian doctrine, the gift of understanding and explaining Scriptures, the gift of administration, the God-given ability to encourage, to admonish, and the like. …

Each of us has a brother or sister, an acquaintance, a relative, a friend. When we are with them, let us take to heart that we through Holy Baptism have been made spiritual priests, that we have entered into a covenant with God for His service. Every Christian should avail himself or herself of the opportunity to speak something good, to tell what God has done for us, to win back the erring, to admonish the frivolous and lazy, to comfort and encourage those who are sad and disheartened.

When we are with unbelievers, let us remember that as spiritual priests we are to confess Christ before them by word and deed that they also may come to the knowledge of the truth. … When we have the opportunity to lead a soul to Christ or defend the honour of Christ, then we should not allow fear of the world to deter us from courageously bearing witness to the truth.

Oh, what a joy it will be in all eternity to see souls around us, souls who through our efforts, came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, souls who found the way to heaven through our witness! We ourselves, along with all the angels, will then exclaim with extreme joy, ‘The Lord has done all things well! To Him be honour and praise forever and ever.’

(From: A sermon preached by Walther in 1842 as printed in the Lutherisches Volksblatt, Anniversary Edition, Summer 2004, p. 7-8)

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12 Myths About Assisted Suicide and Medical Aid In Dying

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition blog posted an article written by Ronald W. Pies, MD and Annette Hanson, MD. It was published by mdmag.com on July 7, 2018.

In an age of “alternative facts”, it’s hard to sort out myth from reality when it comes to so-called ‘medical-aid-in-dying’ (MAID)—also called physician assisted suicide (PAS). By whatever label we attach to it, this practice involves a physician’s prescribing a lethal drug for a patient with a putatively terminal illness who is requesting this “service.” Some form of MAID/PAS is now legal in 5 states and the District of Columbia.

People of good conscience, including many physicians, are sharply divided on the ethics of MAID/PAS. Unfortunately, much of the support for this practice is founded on several myths and misconceptions regarding existing MAID laws and practices. Here are 12 of the most common. …

To read the rest of the article, click on: 12 Myths of Assisted Suicide.

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Celebrating that You Can Dismember Your Unborn Child? What’s this World Coming To?

By the looks of this picture you would think these women are celebrating that their favourite sports team is crowned champion. No, sadly, they are rejoicing that they can abort their unborn child. Maybe you saw the headlines on CBC, “Ireland votes overwhelmingly to repeal country’s abortion ban.”

Canada is no better. In fact, the situation for the unborn in Canada is probably worse than that in Ireland because in Canada there are no laws, no bans of any kind, that protect the unborn child. A child can be aborted right until she is delivered.

What has our world come to when many people revel in being able to dismember a living fetus? What has our world come to when we read these headlines and we remain indifferent to the plight of the unborn and to the countless women and men who are struggling with the emotional, physical, and spiritual repercussions of having an abortion?
You are encouraged to inform yourself on the issue of abortion. You are encouraged to get involved in a pregnancy care centre in your community that supports mothers (and fathers) who have chosen to give birth to their child and that provides ministry care for those who struggle with having had an abortion. You are encouraged to pray that laws be enacted to protect the lives of unborn children. You are encouraged to attend the 2018 Lutherans for Life Annual conference that will be held October 12-13 in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme of the conference is: “From Age to Age the Same.” For more information about the Lutherans for Life conference, click on: 2018 LFL Conference. You are encouraged to visit the LFL website to access resources on a number of issues related to life and to share this information with people in your congregation.

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Dream Small – Josh Wilson

A reminder that people’s lives can be changed by small acts of service — dream small!

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Nicaragua: It’s no longer safe for Lutheran Church — Canada to send mission teams and other representatives to Nicaragua

The following is a message from the Lutheran Church-Canada Committee on Missions & Social Ministry Services:

Dear faithful friends of the Lord’s work in Nicaragua

It is with deep regret that we inform you of a dire circumstance with Iglesia Luterana Sinod de Nicaragua (ILSN) and the Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) Mission Centre in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

You may already be aware of the social unrest in this nation. Many international NGOs are reporting abuses and the statistics continue to climb in a way that is out of character for the Nicaraguan people.

Late on May 29, Rev President Marvin of ILSN and Mr Robert Jose Zepeda, Director of the Mission Centre, advised LCC that they no longer view it safe for LCC to send mission teams and other representative to Nicaragua, due to the escalating unrest and uncertainty. Their wish was “to suspend any visit to Nicaragua until the situation improves and security is given to visitors.”

Both Global Affairs Canada and the US Department of State are recommending that non-essential travel be avoided due to the unrest.

LCC and its Committee for Missions and Social Ministry Services wishes to keep you informed as the situation develops. We appreciate our partners such as your organization who have for many years helped us to grow with ILSN through God’s grace and abundance. Now we may require assistance in other ways as Rev Marvin may identify in the near future. We ask you to pray for the restoration of peace and remain on stand-by with us as we await God’s guidance, and updates from ILSN.

For more details please contact LCC Rev President Timothy Teuscher at president@lutheranchurch.ca.

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The Global Leadership Summit: August 9-10 or October 18-19, 2018

It’s time to register for the Global Leadership Summit.  Join Simon Sinek, Angela Ahrendts, Craig Groeschel and 11 more world-class speakers for two days of fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content at a convenient location near you.

You don’t want you to miss this transformational event in your community. With many Premier Host Sites across Canada, chances are that you’ll find a Summit location not far from your home.

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Let’s Be Disciples — A Children’s Booklet

Let’s Be Disciples is the latest kid’s booklet released by Lutheran Hour Ministries.  In Let’s Be Disciples, we follow little Georgina as she tells her friends what it means to be Jesus’ disciple sent into the world to share the Good News. Go to lhm.org/kids to download or purchase your copy today!

These handy booklets engage youngsters with Bible stories and Christian principles. Being pocket size makes them ideal for kids to tuck in their backpacks, keep a few handy for their friends, or slip one on the pocket of someone with whom they want to share some Good News.

The other six titles in this kids’ mini-library are:

  • Do You Know Who Jesus is?
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Learning to Pray
  • The Easter Story
  • The Christmas Journey
  • The Bully

Individual booklet titles come in a pack of 25 and cost only $7.00 (US) plus shipping.  You can preview them by going to the LHM website at lhm.org/kids and clicking on a specific title.

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You Lost Me. Why Young Christians are Leaving Church … And Rethinking Faith – David Kinnaman

Close to 60 percent of young people who went to church as teens drop out after high school. Now the bestselling author of “unChristian” trains his researcher’s eye on these young believers. Where Kinnaman’s first book unChristian showed the world what outsiders aged 16-29 think of Christianity, “You Lost Me” shows why younger Christians aged 16-29 are leaving the church and rethinking their faith.

Based on new research, You Lost Me shows pastors, church leaders, and parents how we have failed to equip young people to live “in but not of” the world and how this has serious long-term consequences. More importantly, Kinnaman offers ideas on how to help young people develop and maintain a vibrant faith that they embrace over a lifetime.

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God Works in Mysterious Ways: One Korean Woman Learns of Christ through Her Torturer

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada May 2018 edition tells the story of a North Korean woman who first learned of Christ through her torturer.

The Voice of the Martyrs reports that “About 30,000 of North Korea’s estimated 100,000 Christians are thought to be suffering in one of the four known Kwanliso camps. These camps are reserved for prisoners convicted of serious crimes … In the Kwanliso camps, inmates are often locked in cages like animals; and they are inhumanely forced to stand for hours in torturous positions and beaten until they vomit blood. Nearly 40 percent of these inmates die of starvation. …” (p. 6 VOM Canada May 2018, p. 6)

One woman, Kyung-ja, was beaten with clubs and interrogated for her recent trip to China and her daughter’s recent defection to South Korea.  During the interrogation, she was asked repeatedly about something called, “Christianity.” Up to this point in her 56 years of life she has no belief system nor any concept of God. In prison, she began to search for answers to her questions about “Christianity” by asking other inmates about God, the Bible, among others.

Eventually she was released from jail and she was able to defect to South Korea with the assistance of a Christian pastor.  Kyung-ja was able to ask her questions about Christianity and she soon became a Christian placing her faith in Jesus as her Saviour!  She credits the prison guard, who was beating her for uttering Christian words that set her on a course that eventually led to Jesus! Now, she worships the Lord everyday!

Please pray for the Christians in North Korea! Pray that the Spirit of God will bring other North Koreans to faith in Jesus Christ!

Order your free monthly publication of the The Voice of the Martyrs Canada by clicking on VOM Canada.

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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World — May 15-June 14, 2018

You are invited to spend the next month praying for your Muslim neighbour, friend, family member, co-worker and classmate.

30 Days of Prayer is an annual worldwide call for prayer for Muslims.  There is an unprecedented number of Muslims who have embraced Jesus in our time. And, we want more Muslims to believe in Jesus as their Saviour so that they might live in His love, forgiveness, and with the hope of everlasting life.

David Garrison, author of A Wind in the House of Islam observes, “We are in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in 14 centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction. More than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in history have occurred in the past two to three decades, a time period that coincides with the modern prayer movement for Muslims. At the heart of this modern prayer movement is 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. Come, join us, and be a part of shaping salvation history.”

Resources are available for this prayer initiative. Visit 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World to access these resources.

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